Have a question about our Pops? Check out our FAQs!

-Frequently Asked Questions-

Have a question about our Pops? Check out our FAQs or shoot us an email!


What goes into your Pops?

We know how important natural ingredients can be. We use all-natural, non-GMO, and when available, locally sourced ingredients in all of our Pops. Most of our flavors are Vegetarian, and many are Vegan as well.  

Check out our full Nutritional Information or stop in to our shop for more details.


Are your Pops Vegan?

Many of our fruit-based Pops are Vegan. Some recipes do include honey and refined sugar, so be sure to read our full ingredient list or ask our Pop-Maker on site!

How can I get Velo Pops at my upcoming event?

Velo Pops has multiple options to bring the pops to you. Contact our catering team to discuss how we can make your next party a bit sweeter!

Where can I find Velo Pops?

You can find Velo Pops at any of our storefronts and at partner restaurants. Check out our full list of locations to find the one closest to you!

Where do you make your pops?

All of our pops are handmade using real, fresh ingredients. At our flagship Pop Shops you can even watch the magic happen!

Are you hiring?

Do you have what it takes to join the VeloPops family?  We are always looking for fun, enthusiastic people to join our team!  Head over our Careers page and tell us a little about yourself!

How can I open a Velo Pops?

Are you interested in opening your own VeloPops? Contact our team to get started!

Do you really have a Pup Pop?

Yes! We have a popsicle specifically for your Pup to enjoy. You don’t have to worry about the stick – that’s edible too. And while it is safe for humans to consume, we think you will prefer one of our other flavors.